The Phoenix ….

Knowingly I took the savaged route,

Carrying a heartfelt of misunderstood emotions

Journey romantically uncertain

Twists and turns of drastic quantum

A toil of dawn to ‘dusk’

Labouring to suture the torn

Skidding, Slipping, still holding on

Uncanny efforts to mend all

For the one all intended

Smashed in

Shattered the fragile to pieces many

Sarcastically smiling : all broken and done !!

The ‘dusk’ is a little known Phoenix

Risen from ashes of hell




Written off several times

Ah! that is the infliction’s perception

While each broken bit reunites,

I will be one again…

@ ‘dusk’……



Bicycle ride


thEFS12YBFRain kissed lush green fields

Swaying with winds like

Sprinkled colours on

Fresh canvas

An invitation

Too good to resist

Shunning all materialistic weights

I take up my old bicycle ride

Come join me

To innocent journeys

Where you sit in front

And I drive




We travel through

Meadows of sparkling love

Devoid of



Lustful marathons

In harmony of nature

We undertake the pilgrim

Of unending love

That pauses


But never halts …


@ ‘d





Throwing judgmental tantrums

Someone near and dear

Flings multiple assaults

Tied by pure love

You are unable to retaliate

Punch by punch

You take it and back off

Until your back touches the wall

The wall of tolerance

While the assault continues

Unaware of the magnitude

Of lava boiling within

You stand still without breathing

Insulated of further hurt

The assault has a life

But love is limitless

It shall but yes

Outlive the inflict

And come out victorious

For boundless


Dimensionless is

What we call Love…


@ ‘dusk’…

When you don’t talk…


My world that revolves around you
Comes to a screeching halt
Swallowing all chaos
I’m engulfed by silence
Suffocating vacuum of muted emotions
Push boundaries of solitude
To explode in momentary outbursts
That I keep in check to
Prevent frivolous encounters
It’s debilitating
It’s pulsating
It’s emotions converted to debris
Masking wounds
I don the smiling mantle
In a hope that the mist
Will clear
The fog will fade
Perpetual misunderstanding shall
Give way to strong bonds
That we have been sharing
For Ages

@ ‘dusk’…




My Love for you is primitive,

Naked, devoid of any packages.

Raw emotions behold our feelings,

Where the passion heeds no rules since ages.

Rough, unpolished, natural are the whims and fancies,

Uncut is the diamond that encompasses our union

Boiling, Brewing, Sweating, Panting,

Senses that are on fire,

The aura of scintillating breath,

Devoid of artificial fragments,

Romance in its absolute natural form has come to stay.

It makes US the WE that we intend to,

No barriers, no make-ups, all RAW Love

While we make Love or express it,

The flow is waterfall like natural

Behold the flow with all your Heart,

Primitive is my Love with a brand new start


Life an abstract art …




A canvass sketched with numerous shades
Attempting to fill circular voids
With dyes of rectangular ploy
That what is available
That what is expected
The trenching gap
Ever widening
Years of wants
Overpowering moments of joy
Fragility of happiness
Reside in utter futility
We wait to paint
For want of expected colours
Complaining of incomplete
Intrusions of a magnum opus
Why not bestow tints of merriments ?
Why not spread the splendour of love?
Why not decorate the widowed canvass
With available pigments of glee?
Life is an abstract art
For the ordinary to see…

@ ‘dusk’…

Rain Soaked …





Struggling for
Amidst chaos of
Materialistic marathons
Covered by dust of
Fatigues generated
From unending
Urban woes
The city lay to a
Partial sleep
Nocturnal perspirations
Tenaciously reminding
Of modern agonies bestowed
Then comes the thunderstorm
Darkening already gloomy skies
Tearing apart the murky hearts
Of tattered grey shades
With sparks of lightening
Illuminating momentary fields of joy
Drop by drop the
Rain sets in
Increasing the pace and tempo
For there is immense to clean
All melancholy is dusted and cleansed
Soaking everything on the way
When it wakes in sprouting dawn
The city finds itself
Watered and
Joyful green takes over
All that was shady gloom
Murky wastelands now
Make merry
Filled till brim
With waters of joy

@ ‘dusk’…






Scorching heat bestows inflated cracks
Humid emotions take a flight
Parody of mindless egos
Accumulate in shades of dark grey
Patch by patch the clouds billow
Sucking off every bit of sentiment
Garnishing with a sweaty glow
Entangled soul urges to set free
To run nude
Devoid of all apparels
To unchain of gushing wants
To set free of devoid yearns
Slowly, definitely the petrichor sets in
Transiting melody of glee
The dark shall soon explode
The weight shall soon gravitate
Rhythmic drops followed by
Outrageous downpour
A downpour that shall flush
All shades of miserable melancholy
Washing off the stinking sweat
Cleansing the outgrown blisters
And bestow
Tranquillity to the hurt
To the injured
To the wounded brow …

@ ‘dusk’…